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Meet the breed

Australian Labradoodles or
the Australian Cobberdog

The Australian Labradoodle or better known as the Australian Cobberdog in Australia is different than the run of the mill doodle. Whats the difference? Pedigree and strict health testing requirements from our registries. Australian Labradoodles aren't F1 or F2 or double doodles like many goldendoodles, cockapoos or labradoodles and so on.  Australian Labradoodles have been around since the early 1980s, and have registries for multiple generations. And like any established breed they were made for a purpose. Australian Labradoodles were created for the purpose of being hypoallergenic therapy and service dogs. Wally Conron created the Cobberdog for service dogs. Although Wally Conron is considered to be the father of the breed, his main work was always as an educator for therapy and assistance dogs. We keep this purpose going in selecting our bloodlines. Many of our dogs come from therapy parents. Our girl Tiffany is a service dog, and our boy Ozzie comes from two service dog parents. Service or therapy temperament and a hypoallergenic coat are key traits to the Australian Labradoodle. We also have an amazing opportunity  to have all of our litters evaluated by an AKC judge, Pat Hastings, to bring us structural uniformity and temperament testing.  The Australian Labradoodle has three recognized sizes mini, medium, and standard. All sizes are based on height to the withers (shoulders). We have no standard size Australian Labradoodles in our program. Cobber means friend; Cobberdog means 'friend dog'. Australian Labradoodles if brought into your family will be your best friend for every moment of their beautiful life. Many times we hear from our dog families their ALD would rather be with them than with other dogs. That is very true for this breed. Our girl River would rather snuggle us or go for a car ride than play with other dogs. River has mothered 9 service dogs, true temperament to breed standard. Granted ALD will play and get along with dogs just fine but their preference is to be with their human.

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Breed Standards

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