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Guardian Puppy

We have a wonderful guardian family program. All of our breeding dogs live in forever homes within 2 hours of our facility for girls and 30 minutes for boys. We choose to share our dogs in guardian families for a few reasons. First of all the dog deserves to be in their loving forever home from puppy till the rainbow bridge. Some breeders keep their breeding dogs in house till 4 or 5 years old then spay and rehome. For me I couldn't give up my dog at that point and I don't think this is right for the dog to feel like it was abandoned at that age. 

Second guardians get the best of both worlds your dog basically has two families and feels 100% comfortable in their home and ours so you can plan vacations when you know your dog will be having puppies and can have free dog care during those weeks. Or you get to come enjoy your girl and have puppy snuggles but don't have to do the puppy cleanup, which is always a perk! Also many of our guardians network together, swapping dog care during vacations which is a money saver when most boardings don't brush a doodle out properly and charge $70 a day.

Third you are getting first pick best puppy from the litter that will have detailed additional health screenings with no additional vet costs to you. 

Our guardians all enjoy the perk of group training classes to pass the Canine Good Citizen certificate from the AKC. This set of 9 classes is at a steep discount from $3,000 to $675, when your girl has her first litter of puppies you are reimbursed $500 for training. 

We only keep 1 to 3 dogs a year for our breeding program. So if you are looking to join our Guardian families fill out a guardian application and feel free to email or call me!

One female guardian spot open for February of 2023 must live within 2 hours of Brush Prairie, WA. 

Potential Gaurdian Puppy: Tilly

doodle bandana.png

We are looking for a guardian for our new female puppy coming from our friends at Lake City Labradoodles in Idaho. Our new girls is a beautiful caramel tuxedo girl. She should be between 26 to 30lbs. Her name will be Lake City Chantilly Lace call name Tilly. She will be ready for her new home the first weekend in February. At this time we have not selected which girl it is until structural evaluation January 11th. These are the possible girls it could be from the litter.

Tilly aka Lake City Chantilly Lace
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