Labradoodles of Montana I choose Joy

Dreamland's Shakespeare

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JJ is a 14lb micro mini phantom wolf sable girl. She is just about the sweetest dog I have ever met. Ham is a 19lb chocolate phantom. He is happy go lucky easy to train boy, he has already produced service dog puppies in his first few litters! If you follow us on social media he is the father to Angel the service pup we raised for a veteran this summer.

JJ is clear on all genetic testing with Pawprints. Hami carries 1 copy of EIC.

Their pups are due November 16th. Their pups 'Gotcha day' will be in January. They will make 100% black phantom puppies and some black phantom puppies with wolf sable, that could blonde out like mama. This litter all be mini Australian labradoodles between 15 to 18lbs.

Have 4 reservation spots available.

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