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Labradoodles of Montana Breakfast at Tiffany's and Moonlit Acres Mr. Bo Jangles had a fantastic May 2023 litter and we plan to repeat the breeding this Oct/Nov timeframe. We had amazing temperament in this litter of 6, 5 went and service and 1 as a therapy dog for special needs children classes once finished training. We definitely want to repeat that combo! We hope to get a chocolate female merle from this litter looking similar to Alpha from their past litter to keep as a future mama. This combo was too good not to repeat!! This is Tiffany's retirement litter.

1st pick merle female right is reserved for Fancy Pants Labradoodles. Guardian application will be excepted on this litter.

Accepting 5 applications for pet/service puppies,  and or breeder puppy at this time including other merles not held back.


JJ's next planned litter will be fall/winter 2023. Moonlit Acres Robin Hood will sire this litter, he is a new stud and all his health testing has been completed and he is DNA clear, excellent hips, red phantom! They will have all phantoms! We expect half black phantoms half red phantoms. With the possibility of wolf sable shown on the black phantoms, solid, mismarks, or tuxedos possible. This should be a micro mini to mini litter. JJ is 14lbs and Robin Hood is 16lbs. Between 14 to 18lbs.

*JJs first litter has puppies as small as 12lbs to as large as 22lbs. When she was bred to a 19lb stud.

*1 red Phantom female will be held back for a guardian home


Magnolia Fly Me to the Moon, Luna and Mountain View I Walk the Line, Cash are having their debut litter winter 2023! Both their health testing came back clear of everything! Luna came back in top 10% level hips,  We should have 50% black parti, 50% chocolate parti and a few roans in the litter. All puppies will also be phantom carries but not expressing. A breeder female reservation will be available on this litter.

1st pick roan stud right is reserved for Fancy Pants Labradoodles. Guardian application will be excepted on this litter.

Accepting 5 applications for pet puppies at this time including roans not held back

How our reservations list works:  We maintain a master reservations list from our puppy application.   Our reservations list is kept in the order in which deposits are received.  Each time we have a litter we reach out to the families on our reservations list starting at the top of our reservations list.  We send an email out letting families know what we have available.  If it's not a litter that you are interested or the timing doesn't work for you, you simply just reply back and say you're passing for now.  If you pass you simply keep your spot on our reservations list.  If people that are above you take a puppy from that litter then you will move up, if no one opts to take a puppy then you all stay where you are on the list.  If you are interested in the litter we are offering, just let us know which gender you are interested in and main purpose of the dog service and therapy dogs will not ever be assigned by color or gender but by temperament testing.  

We do not allocate puppies at birth but rather at the end of week 7, once we have a better idea of their disposition.  When the puppies reach 7 - 7.5 weeks of age we have the puppies examined by our vet, and temperament tested.  They are microchipped and receive their first vaccination for Distemper and Parvo.  At 8 weeks +/- 3 days we evaluate each of our litters for structure with another breeder.  We had Pat Hastings an AKC Judge helps us to know who is the best suited for us to hold back as a potential breeding prospect for years but she sadly passed away.  Once these three evals are completed we are then ready to reach out to each of our families that have a reservations on that litter and talk to them about the dispositions and energy level of each puppy so that we can help match the right puppy to the right family.  Families usually get to pick their puppies with our assistance the day before they go home.  Puppies usually go home on their 8-week birthday. We have found that this method of puppy selection has greatly improved the overall fit within a home.  We want to make sure that families are getting puppies that they love the look of but also a puppy that has a energy level and temperament that will be well suited for their home. 

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