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Up Coming Litters

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Meet Milo, a girl we are leasing from my mom, Moonlit Acres. This is an exciting litter. We are hoping for our first roan litter! We expect chocolate, black, and cream puppies in this litter. Could have solid, Mismarks or partis. First two roans are reserved. Expected May 18th. Will be a mini litter less than 25lbs. Also accepting guardian applications.

2 pet reservations accepted

1 possible gaurdian reservation accepted

1 spot available until litter size is confirmed.

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Tiffany has come into season for late spring puppies. We are pairing her with Moonlit Acres Mr. Bo Jangles. This litter will be all phantom carriers! We expect 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 black puppies in this litter. Could have solid, Mismarks or partis. 25% chance of merle. If we have a good structured chocolate merle phantom carrier female we will be looking for a guardian family. 5 puppy reservations available now from this litter. Expecting May 27th 2023. Should be larger minis/ small mediums 24 to 28lbs.


JJ's next planned litter will be mid summer for a fall delivery. Cash may sire this litter if health testing is complete and he is mature. They will have all phantoms with the possibility of wolf sable, solid or tuxedos possible. This should be a small mini litter between 15 to 20lbs. We are waiting to see how Cash matures in size. 4 reservations available.


*If stud is swapped out it would be Moonlit Acres Christen Dior a red phantom mini for possible red/creams or black phantom puppies. Puppies would be 12 to 18lbs.

*1 Phantom female will be held back from this litter

How our reservations list works:  We maintain a master reservations list from our puppy application.   Our reservations list is kept in the order in which deposits are received.  Each time we have a litter we reach out to the families on our reservations list starting at the top of our reservations list.  We send an email out letting families know what we have available.  If it's not a litter that you are interested or the timing doesn't work for you, you simply just reply back and say you're passing for now.  If you pass you simply keep your spot on our reservations list.  If people that are above you take a puppy from that litter then you will move up, if no one opts to take a puppy then you all stay where you are on the list.  If you are interested in the litter we are offering, just let us know which gender you are interested in.  

We do not allocate puppies at birth but rather at 8 weeks of age once we have a better idea of their disposition.  When the puppies reach 7 - 7.5 weeks of age we have the puppies examined by our vet.  They are microchipped and receive their first vaccination for Distemper and Parvo.  At 8 weeks +/- 3 days we have a structural specialist evaluate each of our litters for structure.  This AKC Judge helps us to know who is the best suited for us to hold back as a potential breeding prospect.  Once both of these appointments are completed we are then ready to reach out to each of our families that have a reservations on that litter and talk to them about the dispositions and energy level of each puppy so that we can help match the right puppy to the right family.  Families usually get to pick their puppies with our assistance the day before they go home.  Puppies usually go home on their 8-week birthday. We have found that this method of puppy selection has greatly improved the overall fit within a home.  We want to make sure that families are getting puppies that they love the look of but also a puppy that has a energy level and temperament that will be well suited for their home. 

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