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To Do List Before Puppy Go Home

What do you Need??

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It's important to have all the right things to help your puppies go home transition smooth as possible. The best way to do so is to be properly prepared for puppy entering your family dynamic BEFORE puppy goes home.


Do you have a kennel? No worries, our puppies go home with the kennel they have been training in for weeks. Our puppies have been kennel training since 4 weeks old keeping them kenneled at night until fully potty trained and done with the teething process at night will make sure to set you and your puppy set up for success. We will provide for you a potty schedule to train you and your pup the first few weeks to have a successful future.

Are you in a high rise and need a terrace grass potty station or do you have a fenced in yard? What food  and supplement requirements does the puppy have, training, grooming, proper puppy socialization and much more. Between our in person puppy go home day, our website, and our YouTube channel we hope to help establish a healthy atmosphere for your puppy to smoothly integrate into your family for many years to come.

Remember once you know your go home date when the puppies are born and you are notified please make contact with your local vet to schedule a well check within 48 hours of set go home date. Since covid contacting a vet has been more difficult and scheduling their spay or neuter at their well puppy check up is best. 

Need puppy t
ransportation assistance? We offer puppies to be nannied anywhere in the US for additional fees, free drop off at PDX Airport if you fly in and have a turn around flight, or on site pickup. 

Puppy go home Swag Bag

Each of our puppies go home with their custom swag bag! It includes a custom made Fancy Pants Labradoodles reusable tote, one eco plush toy with mothers scent made from between 4 to 12 recycled plastic bottles, one eco chew toy, a customized puppy collar with our kennel name embroidered on it and their microchip tag, pee pads for some of the long trips home, a brush, ear hair powder, Nuvet vitamin samples and their folder. Their folder includes all the information you need from their first free month of pet insurance, registering their microchip, 7 week well puppy vet checkup info, spay or neuter contract, purchase contract, a clear stool sample test results stating your puppy is parasite free from the vet, and a ALAA grooming card for your future groomer.



Dog Food

All of our dogs from 3 weeks on are on Life's Abundance All Life Stage dog food. This helps prevent transition issues with their gut. From pups to our mama dogs and studs, they are all on this dog food. The ease of this product is fantastic! You can set up auto-ship and have it easily delivered direct to your home in a consistent manor or adjust your auto ship to include training treats or bully sticks during those teething periods. We highly suggest keeping the puppies on the pork and venison wet food along with All Life Stages's for the first 4 to 6 months when they are growing the most rapidly then wean to just All Life's Stage kibble without wet food.

Life's Abundance Dog food is formulated with no fillers, no corn, no soy, no flaxseed; just quality grade ingredients like probiotics.


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We have seen great improvement in long term joint health of our dogs and shinier coats when they are getting the proper vitamins and minerals, especially our mama and stud dogs. As part of the health guarantee our pups need to stay on Nuvet Vitamins and Joint Supplement. If you set up authorship from the link below you get 15% off.


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Microchip Registration

Life happens and sometimes sadly we get separated from our pet, whether they get out of the backyard, take off when in town or while camping on an adventure, or just simply escape the front door. We all want to be reunited with our pets asap! No puppy leaves our home without being microchipped. After puppy allocation 24 to 48 hours prior to pickup we will send you an email with your puppies microchip number. You need to register the microchip with Fi Nano before puppy pickup. We want to make sure your puppy is never lost for long. Incase of an emergency and they are unable to contact you, our microchips are programmed with our breeder information as a fall back contact. We are always willing to keep your baby out of a shelter if an emergency happens and will contact your references if unable to reach you. With Fi Nano there is never a registration fee for your microchip.



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