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ABOUT  Fancy Pants Labradoodles

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About us:

We are the Millers! I'm a homeschool mom to three middle school age children. The kids have been raised around puppies their whole life with my mom being a breeder. What is better than visiting grandma's house to play with puppies as a kid. The children are fully involved in raising the dogs from puppy socialization, biosensory, puppy pictures, to building this website, even training their dog to pass the CGC. In turn these beautiful dogs are benefiting and so do the children for building character, work ethic, and funding their future college or trade school endeavors. 

At Fancy Pants Labradoodles we strive to provide healthy, well-socialized puppies. All of our puppies are from fully tested parents and never a double merle. Due to possible health concerns we will never breed a merle to a merle. If you are wanting to use our merle stud it is required that your female is fully tested, including for the merle locus. 

All of our dogs have been certified AKC 'Canine Good Citizens' to promote well behaved and confident dogs in a diversity of situations in public as well as in your home. We offer group classes to our new puppy families once your puppy has reached 4-5 months old and is finished with puppy vaccines.

Our youngest is doing 4h with our retired girl, River. Rebecca's specialty  4h project this year is a scrapbook of whelping a litter from first tie to puppy go home day.

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Meet The Team



I have always adored animals, as I child I wanted to be a vet... That would have been helpful. I'm a wife and homeschool mom to our three wonderful kids. I have been apart of raising and caring for puppies for 15 years. Before that I have had lots of experience with horses and other farm animals. I enjoy taking the family and dogs to the lake to paddle board or to the ocean for a romp in the waves. At this time we are taking a season of rest as I recover from a car accident.



Jacob is our in house puppy snuggler and roughhouse professional. His favorite stage is 4 weeks and older so they can romp outside and play together. He always has a sweet spot for chalk, creams or extreme parti puppies. He is notorious for sneaking a wee little pup and snuggling it in his hoodie pocket while doing his homeschooling. 

state fair 2023


Emma is our in-house photographer. Her laid-back personality is perfect for calming young puppies in the light box and is always patient and brings the mama dog with her for photo shoots so she isn't stressed while the puppies are gone for a few minutes. Emma's favorite stages are the snuggly little babies when their eyes just open and when they are starting to train for the here command.

state fair 2023


Rebecca is in love with anything baby, human to puppies so she adores every stage! But of all the kids she loves the whelping process the most. As a baby she was in a sling sleeping or watching puppies be born, she literally was raised in the puppy process. The fastest way to get on her bad side is not waking her up for middle of the night whelping. She has even helped with breach kid goat births. She wants to be right there and take in every moment of life. True to being the youngest child, you can't leave her out! Last year she started 4h with River our retired gaurdian girl they are 2023 WA State Junior champions!


Nana, Mentor

Nana, Dana Logan has been raising English Cream Golden Retrievers for 15 years and Australian Labradoodles for 7 years at Moonlit Acres Australian Labradoodles. She is a great mentor and always available for questions from the kids and I regarding everything puppy! We love planning breedings and figuring out the right fit by size, color locus, health tests and dispositions of dogs, to creating adorable registered names. The kids enjoy cross country trips with nana for delivering her puppies to forever families or picking up new bloodlines. The kids have traveled with her to New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Georgia, Montana, California, and my husband drove her to Canada twice for puppy pickups.



John is my husband and daddy to our little tribe of humans. He is always great about looking the other way when a new dog comes to stay "just for a few days" and now is greeting him at the door when he comes home from work everyday. He is fantastic about driving me to the vet at odd hours of the night since I can no longer do that since my car accident. He has always been up for a trip even if it means our passenger is a cute fluffy butt pup. 

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