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Northwest Battle Buddies is an amazing local organization that helps our veterans. They provide service dogs and on going training for men and women, who have served our country, that need a service dog to overcome the challenges presented by post-traumatic stress. They train dogs to help wake veterans from night terrors, calming during fireworks, redirect during flashbacks, preform pressure therapy, alert when adrenaline spikes, and many other situations. These are not just emotional support animals but certified service dogs with routine retraining and certifications. These dogs help bring back normalcy to our veterans lives. We are very thankful to be able to partner with Northwest Battle Buddies in providing hypoallergenic puppies to their program yearly. If you want to join in helping support Northwest Battle Buddies you can donate on their website or if you are in our local area contact us regarding fostering a puppy that will join their program.

Our retired girl River has had two puppies become Battle buddies! Tiffany will carry on this tradition starting in May of 2023. 

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Mama River

Our retired gaurdian girl for Moonlit Acres; River is happy to do her patriotic duty in helping lower the rate of veteran suicide. 2 of her pups have become service dogs for our veterans. 6,000 soldiers returning home commit suicide yearly since 2006. This is 50% higher rate than the civilian population. Great results have been shown with veterans that have service dogs in reducing this devastating rate. NW Battle buddies has given 200 service dogs to veterans and have had zero suicides of these veterans in 11 years! #end22aday

Black merle Australian Labradoodle.jpg

Mama Tiffany

Mama Tiffany will be continuing this legacy. Two of her puppies from May 2023 litter have gone to NW Battle Buddies to become service dogs, 1 went to NC to be a service dog, 1 went to an in-home care facility as therapy dog, 1 went to be a therapy dog in a special needs class. NW Battle Buddies puppies were selected by Shannon Walker. They were placed in a foster home for one year then go through 5 months of training before be paired with their veteran and continue an additional 5 weeks of handler team training. We are very excited for Tiffany's puppies to be joining the program. 

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