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Merle Genetics

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blue merle Australian Labradoodle stud

We do breed for merle Australian Labradoodle puppies but not without our extensive genetic testing, eye testing, and never breed double merle for the longterm health of all our puppies. When looking to purchase a merle make sure you are insuring the Australian Labradoodle breeder is having responsible husbandry practices regarding the merle gene. Any breeder of merle multigenerational Australian Labradoodles should be willing and able to discuss all the facts regarding this genome. To be on the side of caution we only breed m/m (non carriers) to m/M*** (single carrier) together to not have a doubling of the genetic. Click HERE to learn more from our geneticists. Single carrier merles will live a healthy productive life just like any other dog. To ensure that we only breed single copy merles we verify testing of all outside studs or dams used with our breeding dogs since some dogs carry a hidden merle gene, called phantom merle. They are just as strong, silly, and full of adventure or snuggles, and capable of being a service dog as any other Australian Labradoodle!

Merle Australian Labradoodles can have health issues verses other colors IF not bred in a responsible manor of checking both parents for merle even if not showing(phantom merle or hidden merle) test, test, test. The problem comes down to greed or skipping testing. A single gene merle dog bred to any standard colored dog will make a variety of colored puppies with 25 to 33% of the litter having merle markings on average. So some choose to breed a merle to a merle to increase the number of merle puppies in each litter to at least 50% and increase fulfilling the requests and desirability and cost of their puppies. But doing so can come at a risk of causing serious health issues. A "double merle" known as a homozygous merle have significantly higher risk of being born deaf or blind. This is why merle Australian Labradoodles are not registrable with WALA or ALAA and seen as a defect color. To set a president that ill managed breeding practice is not allowed, which is respectable. A German study found 54.6% of double merle dogs of any breed are partial deaf with 9.1% of all double merles being fully deaf. Double Merle can also cause  Merle ocular issues. Regarding the blue color in the eyes sometime can lead to full blue iris or increased inclusion of the eyes and blindness. Even though the blue eyes are beautiful we prefer to breed black or brown eyed single merle dogs to reduce the tendency for any health issues. As a merle breeder it is our responsibility to create health happy animals through preventive DNA tests and yearly OFA eye exams.

blue merle Australian Labradoodle at 6 weeks.jpeg

Merle Colors

The merle pattern gives a beautiful dappling effect to the coat. Which, looks like someone had fun painting your dog and no two dogs have the same exact pattern. This rather exotic wild pattern comes in multiple color variations.


Merles labradoodles can come in various color pallets; chocolate merle, blue merle, red merle and can be paired with parti, white mis-marks and phantom. Red or cream dogs in a merle litter have a higher rate of phantom merle. Every puppy from our merle litters are dna tested for merle before going home. Click HERE to see merle color code from Paw Print genetics where our health testing is done. Our girl Tiffany is considered a "classic" merle where Ranger is a "Tweed" merle. We only know this from extensive genetic testing from Paw Prints Genetics other companies such as Embark don't go as detailed with Merle testing. So all Merle related testing is done with Paw Prints.

Blue Merle at 6 weeks.jpeg
blue merle Australian Labradoodle stud

Merle Labradoodles



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