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Puppy Fee & Application

We are taking reservations for winter 22/23 litters & spring 2023 litters

The adoption fee for our puppies whether male or female is the same. With a Merle litter normally only 30% of the litter will have Merle present because we refuse to breed double merle. The rest of the litter will be standard colors with that breeding pairs color code. We can have blue merle, red merle or chocolate merle. The rest of the litter can be from the color families of creams, chocolates, black, to reds depending on the parents selected. Each litter listed will list the colors possible. Roan is a unique semi dominant gene locus with similar statical possibilities as merle. At this time only 1 to 3 puppies from a litter seem to show it. Until we have enough genetic diversity to have both parents roan to increase number of roan pups. Roans are available now as pet or guardian puppies. Will not be selling roan breeder pups until 2024/25 due to contract restrictions.

  • Australian Labradoodle pets $3500 + WA  sates tax

  • Breeding dogs please call for pricing

RED WHITE & BLUE  DISCOUNT - As a thank you to all that have served and are currently serving  military we offer a $250 discount off

the price of our pups. Proof of service required.  If you know of a family in need of a service dog and they can not afford one,

please tell me their story, I am always happy to help support our men and woman of the armed service. Here at Fancy Pants Labradoodles

 we recognize Freedom comes at a cost.

                             *The more rare colors have significantly more cost involved in acquiring breeding pairs, additional testing and have a

                        lower percentage of showing their unique colors out of every litter. For example out of a litter of 8 we may only have

                                                                                                  one or two roans.

All of our puppies come with:

  • 1st DAP shot administered right before their 8 week birthday

  • A written recommended vaccination schedule

  • Litter records

  • 3 - Dewormings at 3, 5 & 7 weeks

  • Microchipped w/an Nano chip

  • Well baby checkup by our vet

  • Bytetag

  • 2 year genetic health warranty*

  • Non merle Australian Labradoodles will be registered with the ALAA & or WALA​

  • 30 day free trial pet insurance

  • Our puppies are born & raised in our home.  

  • We start bio-sensory at 3 days of age.  All of our puppies are well socialized, loved babies that are raised around children, a loving family & other dogs.  

  • We take our puppies for car rides and socialize them well so they will be off to a good start.

  • We start potty training at 3 weeks of age.

  • We start kennel training at 4 weeks of age.

  • Our puppies learn the "here" command between 6- 8 weeks of age.

  • All of our litters are evaluated by Pat Hastings, an AKC Judge for structural integrity.  She helps us to pick our breeding prospects and she helps us evaluate each litter so we know how to improve on our future litters.

  • All families are invited to participate in our obedience training classes that usually start when the puppies are 4-5 months of age.  We send out group invitations.

  • All pet puppies go home with a strict spay/neuter agreement that will be enforced if not accomplished by 10 months. With proof from vet.

  • We try to do our best to ensure our puppies are going to their forever homes. If for any reason a dog must be relinquished per our contract the dog must be returned to us and never to a shelter or rescue. We would rather the dog live out its life with us, have proper training acquired if needed or we find a different family for the dog. We fully understand and respect unforeseen events and medical emergencies let us help love your dog well for life. 

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Fancy Pants Labradoodles reserves the right to refuse sale at our discretion

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