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Welcome New Families!

Welcome to the Fancy Pants Australian Labradoodle family!! Please make sure to read and watch everything below before puppy pickup day. 

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Read all info in each link before puppy pickup

Read First
Health Info
Puppy Training

Signup for Items Below


Nuvet puppy powder vitamins come in a 90 serving container. This powder needs to be placed on only one of your puppies meals each day. This powder will last you the first 90 days home. When it is finished you switch your dog to the Nuvet wafers and Nujoint wafers. When you set up auto ship from the link above you automatically get a 15% discount. This is required to maintain puppy health guarantee.


Register your microchip at Fi Nano For free before puppy pickup or puppy cannot leave until completed. Use same email that's on puppy application please.


Bytetag is a new way to make sure your dog is never lost for long! Anyone with a smart phone can scan the QR code and all your information to contact you can be shared. They can text you the gps location of your dog. Dog not missing and don't want to share your info? Simply put the settings to private, if your dog goes missing login into your subscription FREE account and open contact info from private. Faster than taking the dog to the vet to scan for microchip. No "the dog had no tags" all your info quickly at the scan of a code for your pet to be home asap. All our puppies go home with a free Bytetag in their swag bag. If it is every lost use promo code: Fancypants_doodles for a discount off a replacement tag.

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