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Dog 4H

Dog showmanship, Obedience, & Rally 

The girls have done dog shows off and on with their nana's champion European English Cream Goldens since they were 4 years old. But as they have settled into dog breeding the next thing they wanted to incorporate was dog shows. Problem is we breed Australian Labradoodles... doodles can't show in AKC shows. So the girls have joined 4h this year to show their girls! Rebecca joined with her cousin our local dog 4H club, Dog & Company. Just after a few meetings Emma wanted to join in the fun. Rebecca shows our 6 year old retired chocolate girl, River. Emma shows her girl Tiffany. But, Tiffany is still in the breeding program, so Emma know she may have to be excused from County Fair if her girl is home with puppies, but she didn't want to wait till Tiffany retires when she was in high school. So they attend fun matches and play fair by ear depending on heat cycles. When Tiffany retires Emma plans to do 4h agility with her.

Why 4H? Its a great way for the girls to apply all the knowledge they learn about dogs from anatomy to structure in a productive way. They can do special projects like posters and scrapbooks about the process of whelping to early neurological stimulation and its benefits. It encourages additional obedience training, which is always great. It benefits the girls in practicing public speaking, speech allocution, showmanship, responsibility, and ownership. 

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Fun matches

Throughout spring and summer 4h clubs from around our county host dog shows to practice for fair. Starting in March the kids have one dog show a month till August when the have two weeks of shows at the county fair. 

The 2022 season was amazing! The girls worked hard at training their dogs and working at memorizing anatomy and dog facts and it paid off! Rebecca and River took Junior handler state champion in Showmanship with a score of 99 out of 100! Emma humbly gave her spot for State finals to the next qualified kid because Tiffany was due just a few days after finals and we wanted to be fair to Tiff. Emma went to state finals and cheered on our county team and her sister. Tiffany had 7 healthy pups 3 days later. The 2023 season starts this November! If you are in interested in joining 4H with your dog or future pup contact your local 4H leaders!

Chocolate Labradoodle ready for St. Patty's Day fun match 4h.jpeg
4h fun match Tiff

Fair with Australian Labradoodles

All dogs at fair must have up to date vaccine records and clear fecal exams done within 7 days of fair, and multiple times during fun match season to keep all dogs healthy.

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