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phantom black merle Australian Labradoodle Fancy Pants.heic

Fancy Pants' Genetic Alchemist aka Allie

Allie's registered name is a name I have held on to for 5 years waiting for our first merle phantom keeper girl. The icing on the cake is she is from my favorite girl, Tiffany my medical alert dog and Moonlit Acres Mr. Bo Jangles, who is the sweetest registered therapy dog, stud you have ever met! Im excited to see this girl grow up and mature. After passing all health testings expect her first phantom and phantom merles early 2025.

Allie was a surprise from the minute she was born. My daughters and I sang praises the the king most high at her birth. Since her sire is a phantom and mom doesn't carry for it. the phantom "leaked" through with mom's Ancient Red locus. Ancient red is like a cheat code for phantom markings one generation early. Expect to see a ton of photos of this girl as she ages 

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Fancy Pants' Genetic Alchemist Black phantom merle Australian Labradoodle

Fancy Pants' Genetic Alchemist

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