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Labradoodles of Montana I choose Joy

Shelby Avenue Better Locker Up 

Due Christmas 2023!  Gotcha Day around February 19th
Shelby Avenue Better Locker Up
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JJ is a 14lb micro mini phantom wolf sable girl. She is just about the sweetest dog I have ever met. Locker is a 15lb deep red phantom carrier.  This litter has a 50/50 shot at red or black puppies and each puppy is 50% chance of being phantom. Locker has a cute chest mismark that we hope he passes to his puppies. 

1st red female reserved *guardianship filled*

1st phantom male reserved *guardian needed*
1st pick red male pet puppy reserved

1st pick therapy puppy reserved

pet puppy reservation open

* Ultrasound on 11/25/23 confirmed pregnancy! We even have twins in the same sac lots of strong heartbeats!

JJ's past puppies all black based litter

Original on Transparent.png
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