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Order your dog food at least 3 business days before Puppy go home day
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Dog Food

READ go home email if your dog is on lamb or All Life Stages due to genetic tendency regarding chicken.

Dog food is a touchy subject these days from fresh, raw, grain free, kibble, box store and such. Sooo this is where we land. We use Life Abundance with all of our dogs. It is a small batch kibble company that uses no animal byproducts, no corn, no soy, no high heat cooking, no 2 year shelf life cap. We use a high density nutritional kibble that ships to your home within 1 to 3 business days. Life's Abundance "All life Stage" kibble has a pre and probiotic in it, and per cup a larger quantity of nutrition, which means feeding less per day to maintain proper weight and less poo in your yard. We also feed Life's Abundance wet food; Pork and Venison to our puppies and nursing mothers.


Using an All Life Stage food your puppy never needs to transition food from puppy to adult food, which is easier on their gut flora, and provides consistent nutrition for their growing body.


We also supply our dogs with Nuvet vitamin powder as pups then later throughout their life Nuvet wafer and joint wafer. Any person that says well if the dog food is great why a supplement? You might eat organic everything, perfect grass fed beef but our planets nutritional content in the soil has been depleted so human or dog supplements help provide proper nutrition which makes for a healthier longevity. 

With Life's Abundance and Nuvet Vitamins you are offered a discount through us as your breeder. Click the logos below to be taken to the links to set up your auto shipments. 

Best to set Autoship to every 6 weeks and adjust as needed as the dog ages.

  • Set up a 20lb bag of "All Life's Stages kibble with grain! Grain free is proven in vet studies to increase heart disease unless for set medical conditions.

  • Lifes Abundance pork and venison wet food


  • Soft chew "Tasty Rewards" training treats

  • Bully Sticks

  • Other treats

  • Fish oil

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