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Order your dog food at least 4 business days before Puppy go home day
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Dog Food

Dog food is a touchy subject these days from fresh, raw, grain free, kibble, box store and such. Sooo this is where we land. RAW balanced diet is always best but cost, supply, including everything needed is a whole education on its own, AND time sensitive eating and food born illnesses I never recommend raw for families with children in the home. Those dog kisses don't need to give salmonella, viruses or parasites.  We used Life Abundance with all of our dogs for the past 5 years. It is a small batch kibble company that uses no animal byproducts, no corn, no soy, no high heat cooking, no 2 year shelf life cap. Life's Abundance was great BUT during covid it became difficult to supply and I personally believe quality changed. So we switched the number one breeding brand that almost all AKC champion dogs are on at any top dog shop, ProPlan.


Life's Abundance is still a great place to get healthy dog treats fish oils, training treats but we no longer purchase our dog food through them its almost impossible to get wet food ever instock now.

ProPlan has been used for decades and top champion dogs from all kinds of breeds. I'm seeing the mama dogs have fantastic coats while nursing puppies and eating this. Pups have fabulous coats and no easty westy feet from imbalanced nutrition. 

I recommend for our dogs to stay of the same food throughout their life.

Kibble: ProPlan All Life Stages Lamb and Rice Sport.

Wet Food: ProPlan Puppy Beef & Rice

Probiotic: ProPlan Fido Flora (puppies should be on a probiotic during the first 20 weeks of multiple vaccinations)

Nuvet Plus and Nuvet Joint

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ProPlan Lab & Rice Sport: for 1 puppy the 18lb bag should auto ship about every 4 to 5 weeks might need to adjust depending on if your puppy is 1/4 to 1/2 cup, 3 times a day. Differences in micro mini to medium ALD
ProPlan Puppy Beef & Rice Wet Food: You add 1 spoon full per meal only! Over the first 8 months your puppy should go through two cases. After that your puppies rate of growth significantly drops off and wet food turns to fat. We suggest wet food until 6 to 8 months then only kibble. Micro minis finish most growth by 6 months then turn store for fat. At 6/7 months your medium ALD will have a huge growth spurt and be a gangly tween and maybe get extra lean they may need increase in kibble and wet for 3 to 4 weeks. 
ProPlan Probiotic: I know it sounds over the top... You want me to buy probiotic for my dog?!
Yes, I would like you to use probiotics at least the first 6 months. The main reason why is they are having multiple vaccinations during this time period and there are multiple studies that state there is a significant connection between vaccines and leaky gut causing food allergies and other autoimmune issues in humans and in dogs. So at a minimum use probiotics the week before and week after each vaccine to help prevent leaky gut. 
Don't take my word for it here are sources with more information:
Natural Pet Doctor

Dogs Naturally 

Dr. Dobias 
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Nuvet Plus & Nuvet Joint

These supplements are fantastic we have used them in our home for 11 years. My mom has used them in her breeding program for 15. My personal testament is that my 11 year old 85lb dog has yet to be sick and no joint, elbows, knee issues every. (he was sick once from drinking stagnant water while camping but that caused a deworming issue)

These are apart of your health warranty in your contract. The nice thing about these supplements is the nuvet Plus you only need a bottle every 90 days if your dog is under 26lbs and Nujoint you only need a bottle every 180 days. Its easy to set and forget. Both images are direct links to their site. Bonus is if you keep your auto ship they will give you 15% off and your price is set for the lifetime of your auto shipment. If you keep your shipment going you have no price change over the 13 to 18 years with your dog.
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