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Out of State Buyers

GET A cup of coffee or a Red Bull there is a bit of reading. Make to the end it's worth it!
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Out of State puppy buyers

If you want to keep your puppies travel bag
Puppy health folder
Puppy Grooming
100 People in the first 30 days

First off do you live outside Washington or Oregon but still want one of our puppies? Do you even live outside the US? No problem! We can work with you to have your puppy safely delivered to you or meet you at our local International airport at PDX.


Many of our out of state buyers use puppy transport. We can coordinate with Jet puppy for transport for about $650 anywhere in the US and your puppy will fly in cabin with an experienced airline employee. Have frequent flyer miles but can't do the flying? We have a few puppy friends here that are always willingly fly pups coast to coast for $450. Our you can fly into PDX I can meet you the airport help you at the ticket counter get your puppies health certificate and puppy airline ticket and have you on your way to a connecting flight home in to time at all.


Unlike picking up in person at our home you are missing out on the in person info regarding grooming, health folder and such. So here is this page made for you out of state puppy owners! This page helps you not miss out on important in person information you need for the best start with your puppy. We are making Youtube videos for each of the major sections of the "Gotcha Day!"

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