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CGC Dog Training

Emma and Tiffany passed the CGC dog training! 9/18/2021

We are happy to announce Emma as a first time dog handler passed the AKC CGC training program with her girl Tiffany!

All of our dogs start obedience training at 4 months old after they have finished all their puppy shots. We believe that we can breed for the best genetics, health, structure, and disposition but if an animal, much like a child isn't given proper training they won't live up to their full potential. We love and adore our dogs but to be fair to your dog he or she needs to know its place in the pack to feel secure and confident. We help to set this guidance through training over a 4 to 5 month period with world renowned dog trainer Shannon Walker from Man's Best Friend in Battle Ground, WA.

Our dogs and owners train to understand and confidently function in 10 key areas to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen Program. They also learn how to come to you with the "here" command from across a field, "down" command and hold it for up to an hour anywhere within our home or on our property, and proper social skills while leashed on walks and in public. These all help your dog to understand what is proper behavior and to keep them safe while around other dogs. The more and more dogs are allowed in public venues, such as porch restaurants the more they need to be obedient and confident in their owner as pack leader.

Emma took Tiffany through the CGC training at 11 years old. She and Tiffany passed the AKC CGC Program 9/17/2011. Emma at this time is the youngest dog handler to pass at the training facility we attend.

Obedience training is the key to making any new dog a smooth addition to your family. We offer group training to all of our local puppy families once the puppies are 4 months old. All of our dogs within our breeding program are CGC certified or going through the training. It is required of our gaurdian families. This helps with consistency in commands between our two homes and has honestly saved a few dogs lives.



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