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Potty Training

GET A cup of coffee or a Red Bull there is a bit of reading. Make to the end it's worth it!
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Potty training

Here is the link to the potty training schedule.

The top reasons for potty training issues is consistency, who's turn is it to watch puppy, and #2 accidents after eating.

1. Print the schedules 

2. Consistency of using the schedule

3. Set a timer and a pen writing down when things are happening to look for patterns

4. After meal time accidents. You may take your puppy out then feed them then 15 minutes later have an accident and be upset that things aren't working! The first month or two after coming home YOUR PUPPY NEEDS TO POOP 15 MINUTES after eating. Don't come inside until it happens

4. Pee your dog in the morning come in a feed then go right back out avoid the after meal poo in the house

5. Set this adorable 5lb puppy outside and its back at the window oh it must have gone! WRONG mom or dad isn't with them or a different member of the pack they may not go or feel secure to go. With good reason when many of our pups go home they are between 3.5 and 7lbs. They know they are part of the food chain. Don't leave them to get into mischief and forget to go potty.

6. Calmly praise the behavior you want. Don't call them to you wild and wanting to jump on or you will have a mess of a dog when they are older but get down to their level calming pet their ears or head and say good girl or boy, calmly praise good behavior.

7. Say "lets go potty" they have heard this since having outdoor time (weather permitting) since they were 4 weeks old. 

8. Puppies need sleep to be calm, to grow, to learn bathroom urges. DO NOT WAKE THE BABY for potty breaks. If your puppy is napping just take them out as soon as they wake.

9. again print the schedules here's the link!

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