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Puppy Swag Bag!


Puppy go home Swag Bag

Each of our puppies go home with their custom swag bag! It includes a custom made Fancy Pants Labradoodles reusable tote, one eco plush toy with mothers scent made from between 4 to 15 recycled plastic bottles, one eco chew toy or recycled rope toy with hemp rope. Also included is a customized puppy collar with our kennel name embroidered on it and their microchip tag, pee pads for some of the long trips home, a brush, ear hair powder, Nuvet vitamin samples and their folder. Their folder includes all the information you need from their first free month of pet insurance, registering their microchip, 7 week well puppy vet checkup info, spay or neuter contract, purchase contract, a clear stool sample test results stating your puppy is parasite free from the vet, and a ALAA grooming card for your future groomer. Below are some pictures of the toys or collars we have in our collection right now that maybe included in your swag bag. 

We try and minimize waste that we add to the world while producing everyones new favorite member of the household. We do this in a few ways. Rather than sending your puppy go home supplies in a plastic bag you are given a reusable tote that's yours to keep. Our puppy go home toys are from the Clean Earth Collection by Spunky Pup Dog Toys and Beco Pets. Each plushy uses up to 15 recycled plastic bottles and hard plastic teething toys up to a dozen plastic bottles. Our rope toys are made from hemp or 100% natural rubber. The good news is your dogs plastic chew bone or ring is able to be recycled when your pup has brought it to its end of life. Along with that each pup is sent home with one roll of Beco biodegradable poop bags  (we have tested them they won't breakdown right a way while using them that day, eewww! unlike compostable straws). Along with a ecofriendly bag holder.

  • Custom reusable tote

  • 1 random selected Recycle plastic based plush toy with mother's scent 

  • Recycled plastic teether or recycled yarn rope with hemp

  • A roll of compostable waste bags

  • Waste bag holder

  • Custom collar from "my first collar" Woofus

  • Microchip collar tag

  • Slick brush

  • Powdered ear hair remover

  • 2 pee pads

  • Health folder

  • $7 off coupon for your next bag of Pro Plan Lamb & Rice

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