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Informal Training

Our puppies start two main aspects of training well before they are apart of your family.


Kennel Training

Starting at 4 weeks old we start kennel training puppies. They start with having naptime in their kennels after lunch and afternoon play time. At first they start off with a sibling as a buddy because no one wants to start something new without a friend. By 5 1/2 weeks they take naptime alone in their kennel. We keep doing this until week 7. During week 7 until go home at week 8 we have 1 hour naptime after early afternoon romp, then they stay the night in their kennel in rooms with someone in our home, my room or one of my teens. By the time they go home with their kennel they have had at least 5 nights in their kennel and weeks of nap time in their kennel. Kennel time shouldn't be stressful or a punishment. It is their personal den and quiet place to relax. From 4 weeks on they always have one small kennel with the door removed in their play area. We will start to see puppies taking extra naps and quiet time from playing in their kennel. 

"Here" Command

At 6 weeks old using cooled boiled chicken breast as a reward we start using the "here" command. As they get closer to 8 weeks old we can be anywhere on the main floor and say the "here" command and they will come running. The last week if they have it down perfect we try and add sit to the end of the command. BUT we never say the command without a food reward at this age.

For Families that are out of the area we have a 25% discount code of: FancyPants for Baxter & Bella online dog training. This is a great online training from 8 weeks and beyond for your puppy. You can even teach your old dog some new manors. This is also a great resource for local families that are going to participate in CGC training for inter training from 8 week to the 4 months to fill the gap between go home and starting in person training. 

An easy way to start is downloading the Baxter & Bella app on your mobile device. These have helpful tools like the 100 things to do with your pup in the first 30 days checksheet. Like take your puppy through a carwash, carry them through Lowes, knock on different services in your home to desensitize to door knocking. 


Formal In person
Training Program

All of our guardian families participate in a group obedience class that we host through Man's Best Friend, in Battle Ground, WA.  We have started opening this class up to families that are doing normal adoptions when we have extra space available.  Usually we have 2-3 dogs in the class that are from pet families.  There are 9 classes in total.  By the end of the 9th class the puppies will walk nicely on a leash without pulling, have a "here" command that is pretty reliable, have a "down" command for up to an hour at a time even when you've left the room.  All dogs that have gone through this training program that have tested out for the CGC have earned their Canine Good Citizen Certification at the end.

If you are interested in potentially joining us in for these classes please let me know.  The classes usually start when the puppies are 4 months old (not earlier), their brains are not ready for this type of training prior to 4 months of age.  The classes are always on a Saturday.  90% of the people taking the classes are coming from the Seattle area.  There is a combination of Golden Retrievers and Doodles in the classes but they are all Moonlit Acres dogs.  The training series runs $450 and needs to be booked soon as classes fill up fast!

Here is a photo of the dogs during the 6th class.  In a down command with their families sitting in their cars out of sight