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Potential Breeders

We offer quality potential breeders that are pick of the litter after evaluation of structure from one of the top AKC judges. Potential breeding puppies come from fully tested parents with good or better OFA hips along with, OFA eyes, DNA panel, Disease panel, IC, and color codes tests. Many of our litters already have some color DNA testing completed by 8 weeks. All of our Merle litters will come with all puppies tested for the Merle locus even if not presenting to prevent the possibility of a double merle breeding. Please reach out to us via email or call regarding our breeding program.

Potiential Breeding Puppies

We have breeder openings on the following litters.  Sadly Pat Hastings won't be evaluating litters. But we practice same techniques as shown by her with over 100 puppies. Each litter at 8 weeks + or - 3 day of age window for structural conformation. All breeding stock from our lines will be clear of Australian Labradoodle Panel genetic testing of Paw-prints Genetics by testing or clear by parentage. 

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Alpha: Alpha is a handsomely marked chocolate merle with two white paws and tuxedo going up his neck. He is confident but quiet. He was first born puppy. He is clear on ALD Paw Print Genetic Panel by parentage. he is kbky, atat, by parentage. Dam has good ofa prelim hips, sire has excellent OFA prelim hips, clear elbows, clear yearly eye cerfs. Dam is very easy to train from CGC, to Advanced CGC, to Urban Access. All training was by my daughter, Emma starting when she was 11 years old. Labradoodles of Montana Breakfast at Tiffany's is a 4H champion for showmanship and obedience, and is a medical alert dog for migraines. Sire; Moonlit Acres Mr. Bo Jangles loves water is the main focus at any event his retired family hosts. He is also going through additional training for diabetic medical alert training, and hospital therapy work. Alpha is the combination of my favorite two dogs in the program. I just can't see him going as just a pet. He will be structurally evaluated by myself and Dana Logan at 8 weeks -3 days. He should be between 28 to 32lbs. From his litter of 6, 2 are going as service dogs for NW battle Buddies, 1 as an in-home therapy dog for adult care facility, 1 will be a pottery shop greeter at the Oregon coast. Tiffany's last litter had 7 puppies, 3 went as service puppies for kids with autism and 1 office therapy dog. Bo Jangles first litter with us last year resulted in one therapy puppy that now works with "read to dogs" kids reading tutoring at his local library, and is becoming certified for therapy work in Seattle hospitals.

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