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Moonlit Acres and Mr. Bo Jangles
Magnolia Fly Me to the Moon

8 puppies Born 4/2/2024!  Gotcha Day around May 28th 
Moonlit Acres Mr. Bo Jangles chocolate phantom mini Australian Labradoodle
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Luna is our first roan girl from our friends at Magnolia Labradoodles, We have been waiting two long years for this litter! We have paired Luna with Moonlit Acres Mr. Bo Jangles for his fantastic temperament that he throws to all of his pups and his stocky build will complement Luna's amazing structure. These two will make a full litter of dark to milk chocolate puppies. Luna is a dark non fading chocolate that we hope blocks Bo Jangles lighter chocolate like Shelby her cousin did in our 22 litter. This litter is a mix of chocolate parti and large tuxedos testing for roans has been ordered! Overseas breeder option maybe available. Entire litter is bbEE, a/at, kbky, clear by parentage on Paw Print Genetics Panel for ALD. will be registered with WALA and ALAA.

Reservations are now open for two girls and one parti boy

We are accepting applications for pet puppies from this litter 

Luna and Bo Jangles

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