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Moonlit Acres My Little Mustang and Moonlit Acres mr. bo jangles

Shelby is a 30lb chocolate tuxedo bbEe, kbkb, Ssp, atat FF clear on all genetic diseases

Mr. Bo Jangles is a 18lb chocolate tuxedo phantom: bbee, S/sp, kyky, atat, Ssp, FF: clear on all genetic diseases.

Shelby and Bojangles puppies arrived July 11th, 2022 !! Three healthy boy puppies. 1 solid dark chocolate, 1 dark chocolate tuxedo, 1 chocolate brindle boy!

All are phantom carriers and dna clear by parentage. Thanks again to Moonlit Acres for letting us lease their sweet girl Shelby! 

This litter is fully reserved!

Green collar is PB&J

Navy Blue is Nutella

Teal Blue is Toast

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