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Puppy Amazon List!

Puppy Amazon List
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You don't need all of this!

(Amazon and Chewy Go back

and forth with best price for Tripe)

6' Training Leash

5/8" wide

Digital potty bell

easy to travel with 

to a friends or in the rv

Potty bells

Not all of these items are needed but many of our puppy families ask what I use for grooming, traveling, and detoxing small dogs when having vaccines. So here is my shopping cart. The doodle grooming kit, dremel, ear har powder, dog clippers, and Marshmello is a must have from the get go. The slobber stopper bowl reduces wet beard dribbles all over the floor.

At about 7 to 9 months when your puppy transitions to their adult coat I would make the investment in the two Chris Christensen brushes. If you are at this stage check the grooming page for line brushing instructions. This is also the time I would switch your pup to a rolled leather collar, less friction equals less matting around the neck area and behind the ears.

Two hardshell kennels are posted above the blue one is great for the first few months of potty training so not too much space so they don't pee in their kennel at night. The grey one should last them through adulthood or the 36" wire kennel with a divider should work from day one.  The play pen is not needed for most, but is great for your puppy to have a contained play area when you are cooking or need to focus on that Zoom meeting but they want to have a safe area to not chew on cords but not be locked in their bedtime kennel.

Outdoor playpen link was requested for many of our RVing families who want a safe area for their dog to go potty without instant access to the entire campground or neighboring dogs.


The detox drops helps puppies release the heavy metals from vaccines. A great dane puppy and a 3.5lb mini ALD puppy get the same dosage. This helps the liver with detoxing I recommend giving the day before vaccines, day of, and for three days after.

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