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Puppy Payment

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How do I pay for my puppy?

With all the fun and excitement of your newest addition to the family the topic of final payment is often forgotten. So we try to simplify things for you as much as we can. The $500 pet deposit you pay once your puppy application is complete is applied to your total puppy adoption fee of $3,500. If you live in WA state you must pay 7.8% sales tax on the puppy also (lower rate because I'm in unincorporated part of WA). We accept a few forms of payment. Good Dog, Zelle, cash, bank transfer, check* and Cash App. We can't accept PayPal or Venmo for the adoption fee of the dog, since PayPal doesn't allow funds for sale of an animal in their policy. 

Once the litter you have an application submitted or is born I will send out emails with photos to our waiting list. If the gender you applied for and other criteria for you are met I will send out your invoice. You have the next 6 weeks to pay the remaining balance.

There are a few options but however it works out your puppy must be paid for by 6 weeks old, two weeks before 'Gotcha Day'. Due to the changing economy at this time we and other breeders have had many families backout of picking up their puppy on 'Gotcha Day' leaving us with puppies we believed were spoken for, and additional cost to raise and advertise abandoned puppies. So having full payment by 6 weeks allows us to know you are for sure adding your beautiful pup to your family or if unforeseen things come up we have a little time to find a new family for the puppy.

Checks are only allowed if received by the time puppies are 6 weeks old this gives the check time to clear before pickup. Sorry, but checks will not be accepted as payment on day of pickup if you are a new family after week 6.

Both Cash App and Zelle may have spending limits on your account you may need to contact your bank to increase limit or make multiple smaller payments.

Cash App: $fancypantsdoodles


Cash: Cash is also accepted if local and able to meet by 6 weeks old, or at later pickup for last minute buyers.

We also accept Good Dog as a secure  form of payment.

Always for any form of payment please state which litter or puppy if you know which one.


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